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October 3 @ 7:00 PM EDT - November 7 @ 9:00 PM EST

Take your writing to the next level! Take your writing to the next level in this series of topic-specific workshops designed to drill deeper into the finer points of story telling: memoir, journaling, characterization, dialogue, and research. In addition, you’ll learn how to overcome writer’s block whether you’re a planner, or if you write by […]

October 8 @ 11:00 AM EDT - October 22 @ 2:00 PM EDT

Learn, and try out, some of the many ways poetry can help to free the writer. Trauma can shut us down; writing poems can help free us to open up again. This workshop will present some of the many ways poetry has helped writers both heal trauma and prevent post-traumatic stress syndrome. Guided by an […]

October 12 @ 6:30 PM EDT - 8:30 PM EDT
The Writer’s Center 4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD 20815 United States

Bring back the fun, whimsy, and joy you once felt when writing! Participants will engage in exercises to help them free associate ideas and activate their senses. Each writer will also share 500 words of their prose (fiction or nonfiction) and apply techniques used in the small group work to reshape their revision process. In-person […]

October 23 - November 13

Workshop and edit those flash fiction stories sitting around on your computer! If you have some drafts of flash fiction rattling around your hard drive, this is an opportunity to get more eyes on them before you send them out into the world, and give feedback to your classmates in return. Each participant will have […]

October 30 @ 7:00 PM EDT - December 18 @ 9:30 PM EST
The Writer’s Center 4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD 20815 United States

Hone your stories to make them publication-ready. How do you take an early draft and make it publication-ready? Each week, we will read interviews and essays from established writers in order to learn better editing practices to make our own stories stand out. As a group, we will workshop participants’ short stories or novel excerpts […]

November 1 @ 7:00 PM EDT - November 8 @ 9:00 PM EST

From honing sentences to sharpening scenes to restructuring the entire book, this lecture based workshop for all fiction writers will look at some of the ways that writers from the canon of American literature and theater, (Tennessee Williams, James Baldwin, William Faulkner, Adrienne Kennedy) tackled the task of revising—and how we can use their tools […]

November 4 @ 10:00 AM EDT - December 9 @ 1:00 PM EST

Learn how our brains are wired for poetry, and use that knowledge to enrich your writing. “Whole-Brain Poetry” is an opportunity to explore some of the ways poetry interacts with the brain, and to enrich your writing with that knowledge. This includes but goes beyond the use of metaphor. Through writing exercises, close examination of […]

November 5 @ 11:00 AM EST - 2:00 PM EST

In this workshop, we will take a close look at how sentences are put together and how changing their structure can send a poem off in a new direction. Guided by a prize-winning and internationally published author of sonnets, villanelles, and other metrical poems, you’ll first read time-honored sonnets to see how and why they […]

November 12 @ 11:00 AM EST - 2:00 PM EST

“I” does not always mean “me.” In the Persona Poem, or Dramatic Monologue, the poet writes in the voice of another real or imagined person—or even an inanimate object. Guided by a widely published author of persona and other poems, you will read and discuss several time-honored examples, then start new ones of your own. […]