Introduction to Book Publishing: The Apprentice House Press Experience

A virtual panel discussion hosted by The Writer’s Center

For both aspiring authors and aspiring publishing professionals (editors, illustrators, designers, publicists, etc.), the world of book publishing can be intimidating as well as alluring.

Apprentice House Press, an independent student-run publisher at Loyola University Maryland, provides authors and students a hands-on education in traditional book publishing. Working closely with authors who are engaged in publishing their work, students take internship-style classes in Manuscript Evaluation and Development, Book Design and Production, and Book Marketing and Promotion.

Join a virtual panel discussion about the Apprentice House experience with recently published authors, current and former faculty members, and a student-editor. The conversation will touch on the history and operation of Apprentice House, the student experience, and the authors’ paths from submission to publication. Audience questions are welcome.


  • Prof. Kevin Atticks – Director, Apprentice House Press
  • Claire Marino – Editor, Apprentice House Press and Student, Loyola University Maryland
  • John E. McIntyre – Former Loyola University adjunct faculty member and author of The Old Editor Says: Maxims for Writing and Editing and Bad Advice: The Most Unreliable Counsel Available on Grammar, Usage, and Writing
  • Michelle Paris – Author of New Normal: A Novel
  • Dian Seidel – Author of Kindergarten at 60: A Memoir of Teaching in Thailand


  • Zach Powers, Artistic Director of The Writer’s Center

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