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October 9 - October 30

This workshop will introduce writers to the explosive short form of Flash Fiction. This workshop will introduce writers to this explosive short form. Each week, writers will read several contemporary flashes, read craft essays on flash, and write one piece to a specific prompt. The instructor and class will offer feedback on all the flash […]

October 23 - November 13

Workshop and edit those flash fiction stories sitting around on your computer! If you have some drafts of flash fiction rattling around your hard drive, this is an opportunity to get more eyes on them before you send them out into the world, and give feedback to your classmates in return. Each participant will have […]

October 27 - November 17

Bring your characters to life on the page. When writing a novel, we must know our primary characters inside and out. We need to understand their desires, motivations, and frustrations, their histories and their futures. This workshop will focus on the development of authentic characters. Participants will examine character as both autonomous and residing within […]

Let's finish that novel you've started! Are you serious about writing a novel but struggling? This intermediate course will examine the eight fundamental elements of the novel to help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your work-in-progress. From Concept to Conclusion, we will study the key components of a novel, with generative and evaluative […]

November 24 - December 15

In this workshop, participants will study the architecture of a novel and devise plans for plotting their novels. Whether you are an organized planner or a writer who flies by the seat of their pants, a novel still needs structure. In this workshop, participants will study the architecture of a novel and devise plans for […]